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Let Danny teach you how to crush it with your sales!

Schedule your free Preliminary Strategy session. This is a pre-requisite 30 minute initial session to:

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– Answer any questions you have about the process

– Discuss the structure, timing and pricing of sessions

Sales Coaching

Whether you're a corporate executive, a salesperson, an HR professional, the owner of a practice or an employee seeking leadership advancement, you have the potential to affect meaningful change through formalized coach training.


Change your life, increase confidence, work life balance and boost personal growth.  


Danny had a rough childhood. He was physically and sexually abused growing up, and tried to commit suicide three times. But that didn't stop him from achieving success as a top sales performer at several national sales companies throughout his career! He has also helped startups see growth and success in new markets. He has recently helped his company open a new market and taken its sales from nothing to nearly five million per year in revenue.

Danny is known for his passion and enthusiasm for motivating others to achieve their greatest potential. He is on a mission to help missions of people discover their true purpose in life!

“Set your soul on fire, and let the world watch you burn.”

-Danny Collins


“For those who are looking for answers to life’s questions, look no further! Danny has helped me turn my life around with his unique coaching approach. My sales and consistency have gone through the roof! Thank you Danny for your guidance! Get ready for an outstanding experience!”


Sales Rep

“Danny Collins has changed how I look at life in general. Through his coaching I have found inner strength, self worth, and confidence. He is the most caring person I have ever met. He never gives up on you and is always willing to help. I owe him more than he knows for the guidance he has provided. I am honored to have him in my corner to help me succeed in the things I want to achieve in life.”


Sales Rep

“I have been working with Danny Collins for a few months at this point and can honestly say I have seen a shift within myself. When I started this endeavor I was terrified of going outside my comfort zone, growing, and holding myself accountable for both my success and failures. Danny instilled the belief in me that I deserve better as well provided the support system and knowledge to help me achieve those goals and set new, larger goals for the future.”


Sales Rep

"First of all Danny has an authentic passion to help others. I have been working with him for over a year now and I can honestly say he has impacted my life on many levels. He has helped me find my purpose in life and also has helped me over double my income from last year! I highly recommend coaching with him.”


Sales Rep